Paralysed man makes miracle recovery – so he can kick his friend in the balls

A man who was paralysed in a freak accident made an incredible recovery – so he could kick his friend in the balls.

Chase Friedman, 25, severely injured his spine after slipping on a friend’s bathroom floor on New Year’s Day, and was told he may never walk again.

He was left with no feeling below the shoulders and had to undergo gruelling physiotherapy to recover, so to encourage him a friend named Dan made Chase an offer.

Dan said that if Chase, a comedy management assistant, could get back on his feet he’d let his friend kick him square in the balls – and just a few months later he made a miracle recovery.

Sharing news of the event on TikTok, Chase said: “Earlier this year I was in a traumatic accident and was completely paralysed under my shoulders.

“As a way to motivate me to improve, my friend Dan said when I got out of rehab he’d let me kick him in the balls.

“Little did he know I’d make an insane recovery and by the time I got home just a few months later I’d be in incredible shape.”

Another TikTok video shared on Chase’s account @chasegetsbetter includes an interview with a physiotherapist, who said they tailored his recovery to the task at hand.

She said: “When chase told me he wanted to kick his friend in the balls we had to take a very strategic approach.

“We worked on the right leg and the left leg to figure out which leg was stronger and clearly the left leg is the one for the job.

“His left leg had way more force than I was expecting.”

In the final instalment of Chase’s TikTok story, which helped him gather 295.9k followers and 3.9m likes, he finally accomplished his goal.

Chase can be seen walking round his flat, kicking thin air as he practices, while Dan sits on the sofa with his head in his hands.

Dan said: “Hey guys I’m Dan, I’m about to be kicked in the balls.”

Then, after a quick debate about how the kick will be delivered, Chase marches to victory and kicks his friend between the legs with all his strength.

Dan then instantly falls to the floor, saying “oh my god, left ball, left ball”, before shaking it off and adding “Chase just kicked me in the balls and I feel so good.”

Chase then ends the video, with the caption: “Thank you Dan for helping me get through the most difficult challenge of my life.”

Chase, from Los Angeles, California, was initially told he had a ’50-50′ chance of walking again when he woke up in Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After surgeons put titanium pins in his spine, Chase was transferred to the state’s Magee Rehabilitation Hospital and he learned to walk again.

He walked up the iconic ‘Rocky’ Art Museum steps in the city before returning home to LA, and said he intended to visit Disneyland and added “we’re skipping every line”.