Cafe owner’s brutal reply to ‘idiot’ that left 1-star review over lack of beans

A cafe owner has hit out at an unhappy customer who left a one-star Google review after his sandwich wasn’t served with beans – despite it not being listed as a side on the menu.

Rebekka Jane, who runs Bankhouse Diner & Bar in Stafford, went on a self-described “rant” on Facebook after she received two “petty” reviews online.

One review was made by a man who claimed he and his family were forced to ‘head straight to McDonald’s’ after ordering a £6 breakfast sandwich, as he complained that the portion sizes were “terrible for the price.”

He then went on to say how “annoyed” he was that it wasn’t served with baked beans.

Concluding the review, he revealed he “wouldn’t eat here again.”

Speaking of the complaint in her online post, Rebekka said that her 1950s cafe “prides itself on a friendly atmosphere and fresh food – McDonald’s certainly isn’t either of those”.

Another customer then complained about their food being served in a takeaway box – a decision made by Rebekka to ensure she is in keeping with coronavirus precautions.

She then called out criminals who targeted her American diner on three occasions, telling how the thieves took off with parasols, and others customers left without paying.

She said: “I cannot understand people sometimes.

“Here’s a little rant from me as I believe in speaking my mind and looking after our fellow traders and businesses and ‘outing thieves and idiots’.

“This past fortnight we’ve had two sets of people purposely not pay for their meals and drinks and one set tried to scam our card reader and not pay.

“We have you both on CCTV and the card scamming couple have been reported to the police.

“We’ve also had two unhelpful reviews on Google. One guy was upset he didn’t get beans (they weren’t even on the menu ) and apparently they had to go to McDonald’s as they were still hungry.

“The other was a review by a woman stating that she didn’t like her food being served in a box (it’s a nice biodegradable box). For the love of God!

“We are trying to adhere to Covid regulations. They both left one star reviews based on those facts. Speak to us! Small issues like these can always be rectified.

“And last night some little chav stole our parasols. If you saw a young white male on May 3 around midnight carrying parasols through town – they are ours!

“None of the people that did these things will care but please just know that people like YOU damage small businesses like OURS.

“We’ve been through 12 months of not being able to trade properly and not earn.

“We have spent a considerable amount of time and money, plus planning, refurbishing and working damn hard to make our diner and bar a welcoming and great place to be.

“Please think about what you do for your own gain.

“We have CCTV throughout our property and no one will get away with theft.

“Hospitality is hard work and small businesses try so hard – your thieving and disrespect is not required.”

Summing up her rant, Rebekka added: “On a positive note we’ve been overwhelmed with loads of great feedback and reviews – for those of you that have been kind, supportive and respectful – we love you all.