Ex-fitness teacher mum, 46, makes £5,000 a month as a model with fans half her age

A former fitness teacher is cashing in on her exercise skills by posting sexy pictures of her toned physique in skimpy underwear for younger men.

Sandy Star, who once worked as an aerobics instructor, has proved a huge hit with men half her age by modelling as a muscly MILF, and earns £5,000 a month for her efforts.

The 46-year-old has been working as a model for two years and says fans as young as her own 22-year-old son are ‘obsessed’ with her because she’s an older woman who loves to lift weights.

“There is a total obsession with being a ‘milf’ and I have been told by my fans how much they love older women,” Sandy told Jam Press.

“When I ask why, I’m told it’s because we know what we want, how we want it done and we’re not afraid to ask

“Older women have a confidence about them that younger girls don’t always have, a confidence that comes with age.”

“Before entering into the industry I also had no idea men were so submissive to strong and powerful women with a lot of muscles.”

Sandy was working as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor when she quit her job in 2019, after a friend suggested she become a webcam model and show off her body online for men who like muscular women.

She gave it a try and within months was earning between £3,000-£4,000. Now Sandy regularly makes £5,000 a month and says she is inundated with attention from ‘milf-obsessed’ men half her age.

Part of her online persona – Miss Sandy – also involves her acting and dressing as a dominant. But she says she enjoys the variety of her work and being in charge when it comes to her submissive fans.

“Before entering into the industry, I also had no idea men were so submissive to strong and powerful women with a lot of muscles,” Sandy, from Hertfordshire, said.

“A lot of men will comment on me ‘not looking 46’, which is a real boost, and I am always appreciative of nice comments, there is no such thing as a bad comment – it’s just their opinion and an opinion cannot be wrong.”

Despite her own son only being 22, Sandy also said he was “very supportive” of her work – as is her partner Ryan, 47, whom is actually a former fan.

“We met through camming and dated last year,” Sandy explained. “As he was in a relationship, I decided I didn’t want to take it any further as this was not my style, but a short while after our dates, Ryan decided he wanted to be with me full time and we now live together.

“He is fully accepting of my job in every sense, supportive and encouraging every day. I couldn’t really ask for any more from him.

“Yes, it’s a little alternative but when I’m home I’m me, when I’m working, I’m Sandy and that’s it!”

Aside from a boob job back in 2005 which was later revised, Sandy claims the rest of her body is all her own work. The gym-goer stays in shape by weight-lifting several times a week and making sure she limits cardio.

“My main focus of training has always been strength and weight training over cardio,” she explained.

“I do a strength and conditioning routine four times a week, which involves two days devoted to my legs, hamstring, glutes and core development.

“The other days are upper-body focused. I definitely feel a sense of strength when I am doing upper body. I can now bench press 60kg – not bad for an older lady!”

And although she’s approaching 50, the risque mum has no plans to hang up her dumbbells or suspenders just yet.

“My job has taken my inner confidence to new levels and I love it,” she added.