Bennifer 2.0: why rumours about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are catnip for romantics

Name: Bennifer.

Age: It’s complicated.

How so? Bennifer was born in 2002 …

So, about 19 years old. But died in 2004.

Noooo! So sad. If the rumours are true, Bennifer has been born again.

Hallelujah! Amen.

We’re talking Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, right? Right. There are rumours of a reunion.

Quick recap, please. Lopez and Affleck began dating while filming the notorious flop Gigli in 2002 and became one of Hollywood’s hottest power couples. They got engaged the same year, but called off the wedding just four days before it was due to take place. J-Lo went off and married the singer Marc Anthony (they divorced in 2014) and has since been engaged to the baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Didn’t get past first base? I don’t know about that, but no home run, so to speak. They separated in April.

And Affleck? He married the actor Jennifer Garner (they divorced in 2018).

Does he only date Jennifers? Watch out, Adrian Edmondson, perhaps he’s coming for yours next!

I was thinking less Saunders, more Aniston. Well, no, although they did share a screen, in 2009’s He’s Just Not That Into You.

Back to Bennifer 2.0, though. So, the gossip site TMZ reported in February that Ben’n’Jen had been emailing each other while she was filming in the Dominican Republic.

Emailing! I emailed the council this morning. We’re not getting together, though, or creating a portmanteau. Then, in April, J-Lo and A-Rod …

Who? Rodriguez, the baseball guy – keep up. Anyway, they announced their split. Affleck was later spotted arriving at Lopez’s place in a white SUV.

White SUV, eh? Something is definitely up. OK, I’m not sure the car is relevant in itself, although it is said to belong to her. Last weekend, though, they were photographed while spending a few days together in Big Sky, Montana. Hey presto, Bennifer started trending on Twitter.

That’s good enough for me. Done deal. The 21st century’s very own Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.

Who else would it be nice to see back together, more to satisfy our nostalgia than for the sakes of the power couples themselves? Brad and Jen (also reportedly hanging out in some capacity), Brangelina, Tom and Nicole, Chris and Gwynnie (who dated Ben pre-Bennifer 1.0) …

It’s basically a celebrity reality TV show, isn’t it? Hollywood Love Island. Yes. And sometimes you go back and find yourself where you started.

Do say: “I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block.”

Don’t say: “Kim and Kanye.”